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Voodoo spells | Witchcraft spells

voodoo_doll_spellsThe voodoo spells aka vaudou spells sold here are old black magic voodoo spells that are cast using powerful voodoo spells, hoodoo, voodoo, conjuration and rootwork. There are Vodou spells for all kinds of issues and problems. Voodoo love spells to fix your relationship. Voodoo revenge spells to give you revenge against an enemy.Weight loss spells to help you lose weight. Job spells to help you keep your current job, oe to find a better job.

Voodoo spells work best under certain moon phases. If you want to bring good positive energy you should practice these voodoo spells during the waxing moon as it means it is bringing in a new start. Positive voodoo spells work best if the voodoo ritual is done during the waxing moon phase. Positive voodoo spells are best if done at sunset.

Examples of positive voodoo spells would be:

  • a fertility voodoo spell

  • a voodoo spell to help one find a soul mate

  • voodoo spell to find a better job

  • a spell to bring good energy

  • a voodoo spell to heal

But free witchcraft spells are much like any other kinds of spells, so don’t worry about trying to learn the difference. If that explanation doesn’t satisfy you, you can read up on what Witchcraft or Wiccan spells mean.

The one thing that people ask for the most, arespells to become awitch because they are interested in pursuing this path. The thing is that there are no such thing. If you can cast a spell, then you are a witch.

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